Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You Tube

Have used You Tube numerous times over the last few months since I opted for dialup over broadband. If just for the fact that it is useful - how to tie a tie and of course the many clips that have been used in the web 2.0 training. It provides hours of entertainment for teenagers and sometimes is very funny. I guess the down side is one can spend time begining to look at a clip and then finding it is not what one wanted, but certainly a minor issue when compared to the information and entertainment it provides. One can see it being useful in libraries for training or "how to scenarios" - how to search for Large Print only. A short clip would be useful for a user if trying to search from home or even on the library opacs A link to You Tube and there it is.

Web 2.0 Awards

Spent more time here than I intended, zapped around looking at so many sites I couldn't remember where I had been. Then found the language sites - hey now this was fun, my offspring thought the cheese had finally fallen of my cracker as I started speaking Spanish in a very slow deliberate way. Mango was my site of choice, so if you feel like starting to learn a new language go............Mango!

Monday, October 20, 2008




Zoho Writer

Well here is another great tool for sharing information and collaboration whether it be work, hobbies whatever. I cannot see that I would be using this in the near future (famous Last words) but I can see the online/off-line availability and sharing between nominated users would make this a popular option for many. Great options available to enhance documents. 

Friday, October 17, 2008


Could see this being a useful tool for clustering websites for any topic of interest, hobby or work - Homework questions/topics. Found the site relatively easy to navigate and set up my own rollyo.

Library Thing

Another fun exercise. I doubt that there would be anyone who wouldn't enjoy spending time here - well those of us who work in libraries anyway. What I like about Library Thing most of all is seeing what books others who have the read the same books recommend.

My Library

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Now heres somewhere to waste a little time and have fun. The choice is endless, had to reign myself in and get back to the business of web 2.0


Sandbox Wiki

Struggled at the begining and then I understood, what took me so long to click? Easy and fun to use.


Having been a fan of Wikipaedia for some time now, it has been interesting to delve deeper and see wikis being used for book reviews by the library community as a whole - staff and users. The others that grabbed my attention were the "teaching/learning" wikis. Computer skills and all the ins and outs of using printers. Such a useful tool.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


The changes in the way consumers access information has changed the way libraries think about informationand how it is presented to our users now and what they might want in the future. The defining factor is what is relevant to the the library and its community.
Libraries are doorways to information for all who enter and we therefore need to be at the very least aware of what is available beyond books, email and google. I think of the times I have seen a dyed in the wool "older" book worm take to google after a simple lesson and not look back. Good grief what would this user do if he knew about wikis and facebook and twitter and.....he would never leave the library, our walls would be bursting at the seams, not with books, but people.

The availability of online resources available to library users is one instance of the changing style of the way information is presented. However it does appear that the use of these resources to a large degree depends on staff presenting or being aware of the need for this information. So for me as interesting and amazing as all the web offers it is only as good to the library as its people.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Found this visually a busy site, but once I took my time found my way round. Searching under keyword, tags and Blog posts I have to say left me cold. I imagine if one was browsing/searching for something in particular it would be useful.


Have seen that funny little word Delicious on websites and thought mmm "Can I taste it". Well not with my tastebuds, but certainly with information seeking buds. What a useful tool as I saw when browsing the recommended sites

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

RSS 7.1

YES, it took a while, but success is my friend today, folks. What do I like about RSS and Newsfeeds? One has up to the minute access to the latest news and reports on whatever one chooses. Whether I would favour this over accessing my 'favourites' remains to be seen. It is another way to manage information. Useful ways libraries could or already are using RSS - check out 'Christchurch City Libraries' there is a short summary with links to all there RSS feeds. Seeing is understanding.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Exercise 6 - technology a few thoughts

Technology - txting for moi is a marvel I will not live without. I decided a while back I wasn't going to txt anymore. Pulled out all stops and gave the landline a hammering. It was fine for a time, but when it came to teenagers the need to ensure everyone was aware of what time one was coming home and what time to collect this one up and on it went. Believe me it was'nt worth it. Then there is the other side. Its easy to txt a friend, and - " Get a load of this on the tele" or "so where have you disappeared to, won lotto and don't want me to know?", or "Pickup a bottle of wine on the way home I had a rough day ".One can keep in touch without having to pick up the phone, get in the car or indeed walk from the kitchen to the lounge.....What about email, digital photography, catching the latest news online, these have all become as familiar as that morning cuppa let alone the marvels we are learning about on web2.0. So let it long continue!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Exercise 5 Flickr Fun

I could easily spend more time here 'playing', what a useful site for future use and also backup for photographs. I'll be back!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Flickr lit up the past.

Reporoa Sculpture
Originally uploaded by tm-tm
Having heard snatches of conversation about Photobucket it has been interesting to go to Flickr and see what it is all about. Took the tour like every good 'librarian' should and thought,yes this could be most useful. In a nutshell much like Picture Manager,but with a neverending supply of pictures. Saw some delightful photographs of things most beautiful, but then I entered the names of a couple of little villages where I lived as a child and my world lit up. Here is a shot of the signpost of the street I lived in until I was nine - 'Guthrie Road'

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Delightful and delicious

The grape along with other fruit are one of the best foods known to man.
Who when feeling hungry or simply a little peckish doesn't enjoy a delicious crisp apple, a bunch of sweet juicy grapes or a banana. I have to admit I struggle with the banana, but fellow fruit fans I have had to mention it for the sole reason that it is so popular! How many times have I seen a fellow worker tucking into a banana for morning or afternoon tea keeping hunger from the door until meal time. I prefer the apple, but who cares each to their own. Actually a little research on this subject would be interesting, let me know your fav fruit and we will see what comes out on top.