Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You Tube

Have used You Tube numerous times over the last few months since I opted for dialup over broadband. If just for the fact that it is useful - how to tie a tie and of course the many clips that have been used in the web 2.0 training. It provides hours of entertainment for teenagers and sometimes is very funny. I guess the down side is one can spend time begining to look at a clip and then finding it is not what one wanted, but certainly a minor issue when compared to the information and entertainment it provides. One can see it being useful in libraries for training or "how to scenarios" - how to search for Large Print only. A short clip would be useful for a user if trying to search from home or even on the library opacs A link to You Tube and there it is.


Playing Around said...

Just love this animation!! :^)

Missy said...

Hehe, that's a really cute video! Reminds me of some cheeky cats I know too. :)